• Position: Singer, Dancer

Varya is a qualified and insured Belly Dance teacher. She is dedicated, creative and passionate about teaching. Devoting time to explain techniques to her students and encouraging their progress.


She is trained professionally in different kind of dances: Persian dance, gypsy dance (Tsiganochka), Egyptian, Turkish belly dance and Russian folk dance. Varya is an elegant and graceful dancer, with fluid moves and excellent technique, who has performed in numerous restaurants and clubs in Bournemouth, Southampton and London; as well as at different shows and exhibitions.


She creates her own choreographies and musical improvisations with percussionists for her students to perform in restaurants, night clubs, birthdays, weddings parties and various stage events.

VARYA also singing

"My every song is my baby but not only mine its hard work and inspiration of my friends and people who supporting me. I am so happy to have so many talented people around me. And God bless find more right people to create with. "


100 Longbridge Road Barking, IG11 8SF