Chanel Emmelyn

Chanel Emmelyn

Chanel Emmelyn was born and raised in the city of Amsterdam in Holland. Together with her three older brothers she grew up in a music-lovin" family.

When she was 21, she gained eagerness to get out there, and came in contact with Pieter Straatman, a music producer from Amsterdam. Shesigned a contract for an album at Tibia Pop/Rhythmic Skeleton Music.

Her first debut clip In Control, produced by her previous producer/manager: Straatman, came out nicely. The script from Mark van Welzenis was very filmish, and gave Chanel the opportunity to show herself in a nice debut-clip, featuring Chanel singing, dancing, acting and looking good. It did very well in Holland but Chanel felt that there was more...

In 2012 she decided to spread her musical wings and so she moved to London in pursuit of her happiness. She came in contact with a lot of talented producers and musicians.One of them: Ben Matthews (Founder and Bandleader of the Band: The London Essentials) heard Chanel singing and introduced her to the Jazz scene. She sings in Restaurants, Hotels, Weddings and different functions. Next to that she is working on her debut album.

How she describes her own music: "it's pop mixed with different genres like: Jazz and Soul and it’s all really acoustic”. Chanel images an artist with some great qualities, and some yet to be explored in act of passion. "I love helping others, making them happy and what better way to lift people's spirits up through the art of music!"



100 Longbridge Road Barking, IG11 8SF